Acupunct​ure Energetics

Modern research has given us insight as to the mechanics of Acupuncture points and meridians, even if we still can’t measure Qi (chi) directly. We learn in High School Science classes that we are electrical beings; that there are positive and negative ions in every cell and tissue of the human body and these ions create an action potential that is necessary for every chemical reaction our bodies will ever make. These low-voltage micro-frequencies created by the exchange of positive and negative ions are responsible for cellular communication, nerve conduction and hormonal regulation of the endocrine system. The nerve receptors tell the endocrine system what to do. The endocrine system is responsible for releasing the proper hormones or chemical substances that regulate body functions. In the human body, there is not a space more than a millimeter that does not have a nerve ending. The acupuncture points run the course of these nerve vessels, and can be used to detect a problem in the electrical system and redirect the flow using pressure, or more effectively, an acupuncture needle.

Many factors, physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual, can create a jamming of the electrical flow, like a kink in a hose, disrupting the endocrine system and chemical signaling. Stimulating the acupuncture-acupressure points tells the body how to operate more efficiently. The points may also "talk" to us. A skilled practitioner will share the significance of the points needed to regulate health and in that session help the client receive information from the area that is sore, numb or congested. The practitioner will point out the significant associations, and then help the client have a direct experience. When we have more awareness of the issues associated with the points and areas of our pain and dis-ease, we have a better chance of transforming the issues that may be blocking us from realizing our full potential. Taking the time to really listen is a large component of this incredibly elegant system of healing. To accommodate this important aspect, my sessions tend to be longer than most acupuncture appointments. I find that 2 hour sessions are more appropriate and prices reflect the time and attention to detail, while providing a big bang for the buck.

Five Elements
Getting the Most out of Summer.

Wood Element
Spring Time and the Wood Phase

Five Elements

Get the Most Out of Autumn

Although I incorporate many modalities in my practice, the core is classical Five Element Acupuncture. I follow the classification and structure of the Five Phases/Elements outlined within the Chinese system because of its depth of understanding, list of associations and medical content.

Our ancestors lived more fully in the natural world and engaged with the cycles of each season and learned the power and force of the archetype associated with the seasons. Most major cultures have classified these archetypal forces using various frameworks in order to better understand how to work with Nature for our greatest benefit.

Each archetypal power has a creative and destructive force. The wood that grows and gets old, the fire that warms and burns, the earth that nourishes and starves, the metal that gives breath and takes it away, the water that flows and runs dry.

Some correspondences of these great archetypal forces within us and Nature:

  •   The Wood is the action of springtime, which creates direction and purpose, propels us forward into life and allows for our individual expression.

  •   The Fire is the summer of our lives when our passion matures and generates communication and relationships. The more varied our experience during this phase, the more tolerance we build.


  •   The Earth is the harvest of late summer and is the Source of our nourishment. It provides the focus for our life, maintains contact and has the power to sustain our relationships so they can be nourishing.


  •   The Metal evokes the preciousness of life that can be easily seen when the earth adorns herself with the spectacular colors of autumn. It is all about rhythm: giving and receiving, loving and letting go. It gives us life and takes it away.


  •   The Water recollects our energies within during wintertime. As the sacred cauldron of life it opens and holds the space for what is possible, roots our will and dispels our fears.


Each year the cycle begins anew; creation, maturation, fruition, release, and recollection. Each lifetime the cycle begins anew; birth, growth and individuation, maturing of our identity, sharing of our abundance and knowledge, appreciating what is truly of value as we age, letting go into death, and resting until the cycle begins once more.

Acupuncture Energetics in Stahlstown

​​Dual Torus: The basic Structure of Nature

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It's all about encouraging and allowing the flows!

Classical Five Element Acupuncture

  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure 
  • Tui Na and Thai    massage
  • coreSomatics
  • Cupping and 
  • Gua Sha
  • Autonomic Response Testing
  • Botanical & Biological                    Medicine
  • Alchemical prayer
  • Mesotherapy
  • Bio-puncture

  • Movement therapy:
  • Tai Chi & Qi Gong
  • S.M.I.L.E. Qi Gong
  • Fire Spinning!


  • iMRS Pulsating Electromagnetic Field therapy

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Some Advice

New study shows swishing with coconut oil prevents tooth decay and gum disease by killing bacteria and yeast, while pulling out toxins. May even repair small dental caries. Directions for oil pulling and link to the study -

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S.M.I.L.E. Tapping, Sacred Vortex, Jet Lag, ButterOil/Ghee, Liver/GB Flush.

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Acupuncture is the oldest, most successful practice of medicine in the world. Botanical medicine is science based ancient wisdom. Come experience both with Christine Simmons L.Ac. M.Ac. NCCA.