Acupunct​ure Energetics

What Is Acupuncture Energetics?

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  • Acupuncture: What is it?

Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning. Originating in ancient China, it is the oldest continuously practiced medical system in the world. Over the past 2000 years, more people have been successfully treated with acupuncture than with all other modalities combined. This is a testament to how well it works!

  • How does acupuncture work?

The medical model of classical acupuncture is based on natural laws, which describe the flow of life energy in nature and in the body. This life energy, called ch’i (qi), courses through the body-electric along the nerves with the flow of ions to irrigate and nourish the tissues, as well as the emotional and mental functions. When the qi in the body is full and flowing, health is promoted. When there is an obstruction or deficiency in the qi, illness can begin. Needling the acupuncture points can influence the channels to re-establish the movement of qi and improve functioning of all the systems.

  • What is Acupuncture Energetics?

This system is a dynamic synergy of therapeutic modalities, which compliment each other and enhance the healing process. The core of the work is classical five-element acupuncture with its emphasis on the person and our connection with nature as a whole system. It includes various types of acupressure, cupping, and guasha, Thai and lymph massage as well as herbal medicine. Another modality is coreSomatics, a powerful system of psychophysical re-education. This is combined with other techniques that allow our bodies to talk to us, which bring together mind, body, emotions and spirit in a trusting whole. 

Another modality is the latest Euro-American health system called Biological Medicine. It has as its foundation the restoring of our internal environment to an alkaline milieu that supports the up-building powers of nature for re-generation, slowing the aging process and rekindling our vitality. Biological medicine utilizes different diagnostic techniques, including a sophisticated muscle testing to determine our core issues and what is of priority in the healing process. Detoxification and nutritional protocols for clearing chemical solvents, pesticides and heavy metals, as well as other techniques to clear imprints in the mental and emotional bodies are utilized to free the biochemistry locked in unhealthy patterns and improve communication and functioning between systems (for e.g. cardio-vascular, immune, lymph, nervous system, etc.). 

  • What is Quantum Biology?

I use the term energetics along with acupuncture to describe my practice in order to emphasize the growing awareness of contemporary science that our bodies are quantic in nature. Quantum biology is a new health system that is bringing about a synthesis of the physical and biological sciences through quantum physics. This synthesis answers many questions that have long puzzled biologists, including how the body functions as a heat generating object that seems to defy the second law of thermodynamics. 

Every year more scientific evidence appears supporting the theory of the quantum interconnectedness of the universe. And that there is some field or energy controlling biological systems other than or in addition to the biochemical and physical systems. This energetic communication system appears to function through the fluids via subtle electromagnetic fields and bio-photons (weak emissions of light from human cells). Interesting to note, cancer cells emit no bio-photons. This has great implications for modern medicine. It explains much about the way thoughts, beliefs, feelings and the nature around us all influence our health.

Everyday we are exposed to toxic chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals, bacteria and fungus, untrue thoughts, beliefs and propaganda. These all thicken the fluids and slow down the efficiency of cell respiration and communication. Any of these can contribute to feelings of longing and wanting, shame and unworthiness, stress, fear and loss. They all disrupt the subtle energetic field of connection and corrupt the integrity and function of this grand network of communication, separating us from what is (w)holy and real and valuable.

A new medical model is developing that recognizes the importance of clearing these disruptive and isolating influences if we are to become our healthiest potential. In this new model the client’s experience is primary. It is in the synergy of modern physics and ancient healing traditions that the process of healing shifts from doctor/patient/disease to guide/explorer/experience.

After 30 years of studying energy medicine I have learned how to be with a client as a guide, a facilitator. While acupuncture connects the organ functions with specific emotional and physical states, listening to our bodies “talk” personalizes them and allows us to reveal the body metaphors that identify the non-productive patterns in our lives and shift them to accommodate our growing awareness and expression.

  • How does it work?

As we address the physical symptoms we also use them as warning or distress signals that indicate underlying patterns of disharmony. These old patterns may have been creative survival techniques or compensations that once worked in a tough situation but now they are limiting us. They have imprinted into our biochemistry, limiting our choices, keeping us responding in only one way when there are healthier options. By freeing the connective tissue so the fluids are more liquid we release the frozen patterns and improve the communication through the tissues and from cell to cell and reconnect the fields of interaction to kindle new possibilities and restore us to the unified field of creative love.

We have also inherited various tendencies and a certain type of constitution that influences both our predisposition to dysfunction as well as our potential. By facilitating the movement of qi that has been locked in or blocked by the many imprints and patterns of protection we cleverly created, but that are now controlling us, we are no longer at the mercy of our imprints and we can feel our underlying constitution support us to become our greatest potential.

Sometimes we just need someone to hold the space for that vision and then we too re-member it. I believe healing takes place in the dance between yin and yang, action and stillness. Together we intend and allow. I include a form of alchemical prayer that clarifies our intention and encourages us to drop into wholeness where we can access the ocean of possibilities for our healing and allow the universe to take care of the details.

Nature has taught me that everything changes; everything shifts, including us, according to changeless laws. I have learned that even though we are creatures of habit and often find change difficult, the psyche delights in the challenge and loves to find new ways of doing things with less effort, less pain. By applying these natural laws to the self, I believe we can co-create with nature to form our reality. Our simple profound faith in the creative goodness of nature, of God, of self, may be all that is necessary.