Acupunct​ure Energetics

Oil pulling

A very effective and simple method, to detoxify by safely binding and clearing toxins, is an ancient method called “oil pulling.”  Most toxins are fat soluble (lipophilic) and become stored in the fatty tissue. The process of chewing/swishing oil can help pull these toxins out of the fat and out of the body through the process of chewing oil. Many diets fail because the body is afraid to break down these toxic fatty tissues for fear of releasing the toxins into the system where they could do more damage. Oil pulling is especially recommended for those working with petroleum solvents and chemicals, like auto mechanics and truck drivers, gas drillers, painters, metal smiths, welders, hair dressers and nail specialists. However, it is beneficial for all of us to swish, especially during allergy season, to clear the mucous from sinus and throat.

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How to Build and Maintain a Sacred Vortex

Why create a sacred Vortex?

When we create a sacred vortex, we open a safe space for being with our thoughts and feelings without judgment. Our personal vortex interacts with the sphere made by the field surrounding our bodies to create this safe space. If we stretch our arms straight out from our sides and then raise them 45 degrees, or lower them 45 degrees, it traces the approximate size of our sphere and vortex. The sphere moves up and down as we stand or sit. This sphere is slightly larger than the typical size of our energy field, although our field can be much larger. Our field will expand to interact with the vortex to create more safe space while we are actively engaged in this work. Within this sacred space we can meditate, dance, breathe, say our prayers, exercise, sing and chant, play music, cry, shout, shake, spin, laugh, drum, journey, and on and on. It appears the Sacred Vortex can ease any process and help create the effortless effort (Wu Wei) of any practice.

Protocol to Prevent Jet Lag

Jet lag occurs when we break our body’s alignment with the earth’s magnetic field. Our meridians are in tune with the magnetic field and the meridians of the earth through the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm describes the way the energy moves from one meridian to the next along the superficial (Wei) circulation of energy. We call it the Chinese clock. It is believed that this circadian flow through the meridians begins with the first breath we take at birth. Thus the clock starts its flow from the lungs, at the level of the chest, and flows down the arm. Then it flows back up the arm to the head and from the head down to the legs and feet and back up the legs to the torso and down the arm again repeating this flow three times for a total of twelve meridians. Every 24 hours completes one cycle. Each meridian has a two-hour segment of the day when the energy is most evident and available in that meridian and its associated organ function. An example would be how the stomach enzymes are at their peak performance during the two-hour segment associated with the stomach from 7-9AM and at their weakest at the opposite time of the day. That is why it is recommended we eat a large breakfast as we can digest our protein best during the morning hours.

Microsilica I.M.D. – Intestinal Metals Detox

Microsilica I.M.D.Intestinal Metals Detox is the most efficient and cost effective product currently available to help your body bind and eliminate toxic metals (and other toxic substances). The basic action of this product is primarily by direct binding of all toxic substances that are presented to, or stored in, the intestinal lining. Approximately 70% of all mercury that is excreted is done through the intestines. The more efficiently this is done the less stress there is on the kidneys which are often the secondary route of elimination of toxic substances. If there is an effective binding agent in the intestine the toxins are not recirculated and thereby not given another chance to damage cell walls and/or re-attach to enzymes.  The second method of action of IMD is to turn on the upstream detoxification functions of the body which further increases the release of toxic stores from anywhere in the body.  

Both the silica base and the active binding agent are GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for use in food. Since the binding agent is firmly attached to the insoluble silica, it is not absorbed and thus not bioavailable. Thus, IMD is a very safe and very effective binding and excreting agent for toxins.

Method of use

IMD is most effective at night as this is the time the body releases toxins from regular metabolic functions, including toxic stores from metals and solvents. The simplest way to use IMD is to take the prescribed amount (one dose is the small spoon that comes with the bottle) in four ounces of water mixed with powdered Vitamin C (not ester C). The Vitamin C is necessary to activate the IMD. The spoonful of Microsilica can also be put directly on the tongue and then immediately followed with water and any form of Vitamin C as long as it is not ester C. Be sure to swish and swallow with water and brush your teeth after taking the IMD.

Ideally you will do this procedure five out of seven days a week (5 days in a row and two days off) for three months.

One bottle of IMD will last three months, half bottle 6 weeks. It is best to store the bottle in a cool, dark and dry location and to keep it at least ten feet away from computers, cell phone and WIFI devices.  

IMD can be taken with food or on an empty stomach. With food it will capture toxins presented to the liver and held in the bile, and bind them when the bile is released into the intestines. Without food, I.M.D will clean more of the toxins stored in the gut. It is usually started without food (before bed) as it’s second function is to turn on the detoxification pathways. Once they are working better a second dose may be added that is taken with food. Take: 5 days in a row and two days off.

You may want to add foot detox pads at night as the micro-silica bound toxins may be eliminated through perspiration as well and can be pulled out through the feet. Ion foot baths can also be used to mobilize more toxic metals from their tight bonds.

Liver/Gallbladder Flush
A Liver/gallbladder Flush not only helps with the pain and discomfort of a poorly functioning digestive system, all of the symptoms mentioned below may also be helped by a series of flushes. They are:

1. Digestive problems (such as burping often, bloating, intestinal gas, stomach pain)
2. Food allergies and sensitivities
3. Chemical sensitivities (such as reactions to gasoline, cleaning agents, soaps, cosmetics, etc.)
4. Rashes, various kinds of skin problems
5. Eye problems (such as blurred vision, eye pain, decreasing eyesight, eye flutters or twitches, etc.)
6. Difficulty sleeping
7. Irritability, frequent anger, depression
8. Tendon or muscle problems (such as frequent sprains/strains, muscle injuries, delayed healing)
9. Swelling of the breasts
10. Menstrual problems (such as too little or too much blood flow, blood clotting, cramps)
11. Headaches (especially pain at the vertex of the head, and throbbing headaches). A headache of the gallbladder is most commonly over the right eye, at the temples or on one side of the head.)

This cleanse is used to clean the liver and gall bladder of gall stones, gravel and sand to dramatically improve your body's health. The liver cleanse also has the ability to expel pollutants and toxins from the gallbladder and liver. You can expect your allergies to disappear more and more with each subsequent cleanse. Each liver cleanse "cures" a different set of allergies, suggesting that the liver is compartmentalized - different parts having different duties. Incidentally, a liver cleanse also eliminates most shoulder, upper arm and upper back pain. ​

Butter Oil/Ghee

Butter oil, better known as Ghee from the Ayurvedic tradition, is one of the easiest oils on the liver. It’s actions: Tonic, emollient, rejuvenative, antacid and nutritive according to The Ayurveda Encyclopedia by Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha. 

From the Encyclopedia.

Indications: Increases marrow and semen, essence and ojas. Improves intelligence, vision voice, liver, kidneys and brain. The best oil for Pitta. Good for Vata. The best form of fat for the body. It balances all digestive fires (agnis). Good for memory. Promotes longevity and reproductive fluid. It’s good for children and the elderly, for consumption and T.B., fevers, herpes and injury. Taken with herbs, it transports their nutrients to all seven tissue layers. Special herbs like Ashwagandha are made into medicated ghee to remove cholesterol and toxins from the body. 

Ghee also reduces the desire for eating meat. 

It is good for the lungs and is highly auspicious. 

It has no contraindications like butter, which can be fattening, clogging, and heavy, especially when salted.

S.M.I.L.E. Simple Methods to Induce Loving Energy

S.M.I.L.E. Tapping is part of Christine’s S.M.I.L.E. Movement Therapy. It was developed from her many years of experience with Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Energy Psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) MFT (Mental Field Therapy), Sandi Radomski’s Ask and Receive and influenced by many other energy workers. Thanks to all those wonderful teachers.

When tapping use all fingers and thumb if possible or thumb tucked close to index finger. You may simply intend vibrant health, or insert a specific intention for the process. Tap with a slow waltz like beat, either with hands together or in an alternating rhythm. Alternating allows us to make a connecting pathway between points. You may also rub, massage or compress the points. Use whatever feels right for that point.