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Butter Oil/Ghee

Butter oil, better known as Ghee from the Ayurvedic tradition, is one of the easiest oils on the liver. It’s actions: Tonic, emollient, rejuvenative, antacid and nutritive according to The Ayurveda Encyclopedia by Swami Sada Shiva Tirtha. 

From the Encyclopedia.

Indications: Increases marrow and semen, essence and ojas. Improves intelligence, vision voice, liver, kidneys and brain. The best oil for Pitta. Good for Vata. The best form of fat for the body. It balances all digestive fires (agnis). Good for memory. Promotes longevity and reproductive fluid. It’s good for children and the elderly, for consumption and T.B., fevers, herpes and injury. Taken with herbs, it transports their nutrients to all seven tissue layers. Special herbs like Ashwagandha are made into medicated ghee to remove cholesterol and toxins from the body.

Ghee also reduces the desire for eating meat. 

It is good for the lungs and is highly auspicious. 

It has no contraindications like butter, which can be fattening, clogging, and heavy, especially when salted.

You can buy Ghee or Butter Oil recommended by the Weston Price foundation through

They have it plain or in a blend with fermented cod liver oil:

Butter oil 30%, f.c.l. oil 70%. Blue Ice Royal

Or with coconut oil in a blend: Blue Breeze (my favorite). Great for making bulletproof coffee!

Coconut 70%, butter oil 30%

Recommended amount of oil daily:

One tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil/day or a half teaspoon Blue Ice Royal/day, plus Two tablespoon cold pressed Sunflower oil or Butter Oil, Grapeseed Oil, cold pressed raw Sesame oil, flax oil, chia seed oil or nut oil can be substituted, or amount of oil reduced if eating raw nuts.  

Directions to make your own from unsalted butter:

Begin with 4 sticks of unsalted high quality butter. Place in small pan on the lowest heat possible. Directions say to melt the butter and apply lie heat for about 10 minutes. Froth will then appear on top, leave it. It is part of the medicinal qualities of clarified butter. You can stir now if you want. After 10-20 minutes longer the protein will separate out. Stir occasionally but do not stir the bottom of the pan.

Cook for a little longer until there is a fragrant smell and the oil becomes golden. The protein will stick to the bottom and become golden. This prevents the protein from coming into the oil later when you pour and the oil has a better flavor.

It is finished when a few drops of water splashed into the oil bubble up with a crackling sound. Turn off and pour into prepared 12-ounce mason jar. Pour through four layers of cheese-cloth folded and fitted like a pocket on top of a strainer. Let it cool and it will harden at room temperature. Use as desired. Can be kept out at room temperature.

Butter Oil/Ghee