S.M.I.L.E. Simple Methods to Induce Loving Energy

    Acupunct​ure Energetics

    S.M.I.L.E. Tapping is part of Christine’s S.M.I.L.E. (Simple Methods to Improve Loving Energy) Movement Therapy. It was developed from her many years of experience with Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Energy Psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom technique) MFT (Mental Field Therapy), Sandi Radomski’s Ask and Receive and influenced by many other energy workers. Thanks to all those wonderful teachers.

    When tapping use all fingers and thumb if possible or thumb tucked close to the index finger. You may simply intend vibrant health, or insert a specific intention for the process. Tap 9 times with a slow waltz like beat, either with hands together or in an alternating rhythm. Alternating allows us to make a connecting pathway between points. You may also rub, massage or compress the points 9 times. Use whatever feels right for the individual points.

    • Start with rubbing the palms of the hands together to generate a strong magnetic field and then place hands in prayer pose and press against the sternum on the chest while you say.

     I call on my highest self, and those that care for me from the loving and creative intelligence of the Light, Heart, Will, Mind and Body of the Holographic Field of Love that surrounds me to aide in the work I am about to do. I give permission to cleanse, structure, rebuild and order my field and every cell and tissue of my body in such a way that is ideal for my healing. Please restore the flow of life in me and reconnect me with all parts of myself and provide me a direct connection to the Source for my energy. Restore my health and vitality, and my ability to participate in life fully and contribute to the well being of all.

    • Tap first one side then the other or karate chop points on the edge of little finger side of hand.

    I am loosening, releasing, liberating and transforming any energy that may be tied up or limiting my ability to...(have vibrant health)...back into its right place and most loving form and function, safely, gently and thoroughly.

    • Tap crown of head (Infinite Celestial Meeting Point) with all fingers and thumb.

    I am connected to the infinite part of me that knows how to (have vibrant health) and connected to the Holographic Field of Love.

    • Tap down to the inside of eyebrow points

    The creative intelligence of the Holographic Field of Love is willing to communicate what I need to the rest of me with the greatest of ease and grace, and to help me see and be my authentic self.

    • Tap around to the temple points.

    I am loosening, releasing, liberating and transforming all my creations, works, makings, effects, structures, activities, pheronomes, miasms, imprints, toxins or poisons, on any level, that might inhibit my freedom (to...) to have vibrant health.

    • Circle around head and tap points on back of head at occipital lobes.

    Any traumas, beliefs or imprints that may be blocking me from (vibrant health) are transforming now.

    • Tap largest vertebra where spine meets neck. Then tap back up and around ears.

     All the gateways, holes and gaps that limit my (vibrant health) are closing now. 

     All the gateways and paths that support my (vibrant health) are opening now. 

    • Tap below eyes with elbows up and out to sides.

    My entire being is receiving and processing this information. It is now possible to (have vibrant health).

    • Tap above mouth with one hand and jaw with the other.

    I deserve to have (vibrant health). Say 3X

    • Tap below mouth and jaw.

    I open to receive all the pure loving light and information that endows me with (vibrant health). Say 3X.

    • Place right middle fingers on top of left shoulder, and left on right shoulder, tap and/or hold yourself on “Shoulder Well” points.

    I embrace all of myself, including the parts I have judged against as bad, wrong or stupid, or have denied in any way, back to myself and the wholeness of Self. These parts are transforming into their most loving and creative actions and virtues as they come home.

    • Tap “Storehouse, Brain Button" points below collar bone and just off the breast bone in between ribs.

     ​I am filling up my stockpile of energy and aligning all of myself with the loving light and information pouring into me now.

    • Tap thymus point. 

    I am in deep gratitude for the healing occurring now. Thank you, thank you.

    • Then spread your fingers and tap or massage all the intercostal points just lateral to the breast bone.

    I am loosening, liberating and transforming any constitutional or inherited weaknesses or predispositions that limit my true nature or keep me locked in any old pattern that prevents my (vibrant health or the particular issue you are addressing).

    • Continue tapping down below breasts and then out toward sides, directly below nipple line in large space between seventh and eighth rib, to the point “Sun and Moon.”

    I am reconnecting my being, including all 10 bodies, all 7 chakras, all meridians, from top to bottom, left to right, front to back, yin and yang in perfect harmony and communication.

    • Follow along intercostal space to sides of body at level of breasts, a hand below armpit. Tap with index finger and thumb side of hand or screw thumb into point while flapping hands. Imagine flinging out what is limiting you to be transformed and transported to its right place.


    I loosen, liberate and release what is inappropriate, unnecessary, harmful or limiting my true nature from my body, will, ego, mind, heart, spirit, soul, energy fields, subtle bodies, bodies of consciousness, morphogenetic fields, and entire psyche complex of self and Self, and send this energy out into the Source of the Universe and on to its right place, where it can become its most beneficial form and function.

    • Tap from sides onto back as high as you can reach and then come down to waist area and kidneys and rub with loose fists. 

    It is safe for me to be liberated from these old patterns and to have (vibrant health). It is safe. I am safe. Repeat 3X.

    • Turn hands palm in and hold kidneys and lean back slightly tucking chin and tailbone down.

    My energy is now being restored to its most loving and beneficial form and function. My energy is restored. My energy is restored.

    • Tap lightly around to front of belly. Circle hands smaller and slower towards belly button. Then circle around to hips and buttocks and down outside of legs to tap top of foot. 

    I am digesting my emotions, sensations and happenings fully so they nourish and provide the experiences I require to become authentic.

    • Tap back up inside of legs stopping around 4 fingers up from ankle. 

    I am free to be in vibrant health. I am free from any manifestation of illness or dis-ease (or the resolution of your specific issue). The process for today is complete, finished, resolved.

    • Then continue up to belly. Slow the tapping way down and then place one hand in belly button and tap with other hand along Three Heater meridian (communication system) from ring finger on hand, up arm just past elbow and back down, switch hands and repeat on other hand/arm.

    The transfer of information and my transformation is now complete, or soon will be.


    • Finish by holding one hand over belly and other hand over chest.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • Breathe slow and deep in the belly. Wait in silence until process feels complete.


    Christine Simmons M.Ac., L.Ac. Acupuncture Energetics, Herbal and Biological Medicine, Bio-puncture and S.M.I.L.E. Movement Therapy. www.wellspringvalley.com