"Ang Sang Wahe Guru" connects our finite individual self to the Whole and the Infinite Density of the Vacuum Potential. May translate as "The Loving Source of All is dancing in every cell, space and place of my entire being."

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Opening the Sacred Space of the Vortex for the first time

(When working alone)

I call on my highest self, and those that care for me from the loving and creative intelligence of the Light, Heart, Will, Mind and Body of the Holographic Field of Love that surrounds me to aide in the work I am about to do. I give permission to cleanse, structure, rebuild and order my field and every cell and tissue of my body in such a way that it is ideal for my healing. Please restore the flow of life in me and reconnect me with all parts of myself and provide me a direct connection to the Source for my energy. Restore my health and vitality, and my ability to participate in life fully and contribute to the well being of all.

Welcome, bless you and thank you for coming. I ask that what I am about to do be for the highest and greatest benefit of all and everything. I ask you to surround me and fill me with the unconditional loving light, so that nothing but loving energy and kindness can come to me and through me, watch over and protect me. Thank you.

I call upon the Over-Lighting Deva and the nature spirits of healing and of this place who would like to be with me in this work to come and assist me in opening a Vortex. I ask that the devas and nature intelligences I am working with be released from any previous contracts that do not fit with the Will,  Mind, Heart and Body of the Field of Love, and the Heart of the Earth. (Pause). I ask that those who have come to be with me assist in opening a vortex that spirals down to the center of the Earth and up to the Heavens, has a center and periphery, and spins. Let this sacred spiral gently and safely balance and heal the energies between heaven and earth, man and woman, yang and yin, spirit and will, mind and body. May this sacred vortex help reclaim the Heart needed to make the connections and find harmony between the polarities and help us evolve into wholeness. I ask permission to enter this sacred and safe space for my healing. (Pause).

(When finished, step out of the Vortex). I ask the devas and nature spirits to anchor this Vortex in place to be used again. I understand that this individual vortex can be connected with others like it to further the Will of the Mother and the Plan of the Loving Light of God. As this individual vortex connects with others of its kind they form a grid to anchor the love and compassion of the “third way,” a way of individual expression within a unified field of wholeness.

 I thank all of those who have come to assist, especially The Mother of Everything for moving first and opening the space for this healing vortex. Thank you, thank you. Those who need to stay close to continue working with me, please stay and those for whom it is time to go, I disconnect with blessings of loving light for your journey.

How to Build and Maintain a Sacred Vortex


When we create a sacred vortex, we open a safe space for being with our thoughts and feelings without judgment. Our personal vortex interacts with the sphere made by the field surrounding our bodies to create this safe space. If we stretch our arms straight out from our sides and then raise them 45 degrees, or lower them 45 degrees, it traces the approximate size of our sphere and vortex. The sphere moves up and down as we stand or sit. This sphere is slightly larger than the typical size of our energy field. Our field seems to expand to interact with the vortex to create more safe space while we are actively engaged in this work. Within this sacred space we can meditate, dance, breath, say our prayers, exercise, sing and chant, cry, shout, laugh, and on and on. It appears the Sacred Vortex can ease any process and help create the effortless effort of our practice.

Acupunct​ure Energetics

The Sacred Vortex is a Space of Love!

The underlying goal of the vortex is to help us become aware of the imprints, assumptions and habitual patterns that control our lives and help us learn how to re-member them in their most useful and creative, nurturing and supportive potential.  It is essential that when we enter this space we do so with intent to evolve the judgments of our thoughts and feelings so we can be more loving and more loved and bring more joy and fulfillment into our lives!

When we make the commitment to begin healing and utilize the sacred vortex we must be ready to accept an acceleration of the healing process. In the beginning it will feel like things are getting worse, but that is only because the shadow side is moving into a brighter light and it is more visible. Still, I caution you that the vortex work will bring up what is blocking or limiting you even while it creates a safe space for the work. Ask yourself three times “am I ready to create a personal vortex?” If the answer is yes, then proceed to the instructions on how to create one. The following describes how one can use the vortex.

When we work with the vortex to become more aware of our ourselves and to learn where we hold our judgments we need to enter letting go of the outcome. We may enter the vortex quite upset at times. If we judge what triggers our feelings as bad or stupid, hateful or harmful we will only create more resistance, yet it is hard not to do just so. Still it helps to start by thanking the thoughts and emotions (as well as the people and events that may have triggered the feelings) for helping us to re-member.  We can ask the higher, infinite part of ourselves to be there with us as witness to our feelings and imprints.  

Letting go of any expectations or outcomes, we feel the sensations the emotions evoke in the body. We can heighten the sensations through movement, sound, words, intent, breathing, tears, etc.  It is very important we move the body to facilitate this process. Give the feelings and thoughts an invitation to move to their right place. Let the spiral help move the feelings.

We can also use the metaphor of music for this process. It is as if the whole of each of us is a song composed of different notes. When we listen carefully we realize there may be discordant notes that do not fit the song. This process helps to separate out those notes so they can be heard and seen and felt. As these notes become separate from our internal nature, it is possible to work with them. It is almost as if we give them birth into our hands. Then we stay with them for a time, without judgment, simply experiencing them. As we vibrate the feelings they begin to shift. If they are something that no longer fits the song that we are becoming, they begin to release and transform.  Sometimes they will feel as if they are swirling where the sphere and vortex intersect. Sometimes it will feel as if they are being lifted up to the heavens or out behind us for transformation through the spiral. Simply ask that what is not your true nature be returned to its right place. Trust that spirit will be its guide. Ask that whatever energy is yours be transformed into its highest and greatest potential, into its truest nature.  If you like, move with the spiral, fast or slow, in whatever way feels right in the moment. The spiral interacts with us in a co-creative process. Together, we know when the release is finished. 

This frees up space in us for reclaiming the energy in its greatest potential and reconnecting us with our true nature. It is extremely important to fill the space that has now been created by the release of the charge on that particular issue and pattern. The space we have created is sacred. The empty space is like a vacuum or void, an empty space full of possibilities, while still holding the memory of what was in there. It can magnetically draw back in the same old pattern unless consciously filled up with a different pattern and frequency. There are many ways to engage with the spiral. Move in the way that feels best. This will help receive the feelings in their most creative and nurturing aspects. Use your arms to gather the energy to you in any way that feels good. Not only are we reclaiming our true essence we also become closer to the Divine as the vortex funnels in this new energy. It flows down upon us like a waterfall of blessings, downloading information and filling us with the unconditional loving light of God and the Mother of Everything, in perfect loving harmony, until we are full.  

There is nothing we really need to do to maintain the vortex. Once the spin is set into motion the law of perpetual motion takes over and afterwards the speed and spin of the vortex adjusts as needed.  Yet, it is important that we show our gratitude for the sacred space we have created with help from the devas and nature intelligences. We can do this by placing a candle in the center when we are finished, or flowers or objects that are important to us either in the center or in a circle marking the four directions. If there is no room for this, you can also place a drop of essential oil in the center and/or four directions. Use the imagination. There are many ways to display thanks and gratitude. 

There can be vortices within vortices. I have my private vortex for my personal work and another around my acupuncture treatment room. There is another around the whole house that originates from the same center as my personal space. This helps move any stagnant or stuck energy for the household. There is another one around the labyrinth out past the gardens, and another around the entire valley we live in. That last one was not my idea. We constructed one around our land and the devas insisted we build another around the whole valley. I agreed, because it felt natural to the geography and also because by then we no longer needed to receive permission from the higher selves of the individuals that would be affected by the vortex, since the completion of the unity consciousness grid that is now surrounding the earth. Also, it is my experience that the vortices surrounding larger areas have less focus of power than the personal vortex surrounding our intimate energy fields. And the intentions are somewhat different for each of the vortices.


If you feel drawn to construct a vortex in your workplace to help heal and balance the energies, we would recommend you first create and work with an individual sacred vortex at home. Place it somewhere that you can easily step into and out of, but not someplace that you spend lots of time within. State the intention of its use - perhaps using the intention we stated in the ceremony of opening sacred space. Or ask for the alchemical prayers. Let the universe take care of the details. Perhaps after a while you would ask that it expand to cover the entire house. Your personal space may be a vortex within this larger vortex. And after a little experience, if it feels appropriate, open a vortex in your workplace using some public space as its center and ask that it surround the entire building (or rooms, etc.). Ask that it remain open and anchored until the energies are transformed into their highest potential. Remember to always ask that the balancing be done gently and safely with the greatest of ease and grace!

Each time you enter the vortex it is not necessary to call on your allies for assistance, especially if it is only for quick visits to increase vitality and focus. For longer periods of meditation or movement however I highly recommend connecting with your allies from the loving light.  It can also be useful to have a code name or image for your team so you can quickly call them to your aid if something triggers you and you need to work with your feelings from a, shall we say, somewhat agitated state.  Slowing down to say an invocation may be useful, but there may be times when you just need to move with the emotion being triggered as soon as you enter the vortex. Ceremony is important but also keep in mind you don’t have to stand on ceremony with those who love and care for you. The invocation used on the first page is only a suggestion and you certainly may create your own. I recommend in the beginning that when you connect with your allies you pause to feel or receive any images as you connect to the individual principles.


It is my experience that our individual vortex connects with other sacred vortices around the world that further the Will of the Mother and the Plan of Loving Light, and that they connect through the center of the Earth and the Heart of the Mother. We are enriched through this connection and protected at the same time. As we do our personal work we are also doing global work releasing what separates each other and ourselves from our true nature. May this information enrich your healing and aid the healing of our planet, Earth.